CFA CFA Level 2 Free QBank?

Free QBank?

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      I already paid for the Schweser QBank and have used it on 2 computers. I can’t buy it again.

      Is there access to a free QBank out there? (Investopedia Quizzer seems to be incompacitated.)

      PS Is QBank even worth doing? I split my time between the CFAI books and the QBank to drill the topics. I saw one official 300Hours poster say its a waste of time.

      PPS Would love to make/join a study group if anyone lives in the SoFla area.

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      PS I moved states. That’s why I want the QBank again.

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      hey @ykilstein have you run out of licenses for your Schweser Qbank? If you write to them they might be able to sort you out.

      I think qbank is worth using especially when in the ‘learning’ phase – although mock and practice exams should rank higher on the priority list in the ‘practicing’ phase. The concept checkers in the Schweser notes and end-of-chapter questions in the CFA curriculum should also help a lot.

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      Thanks so much, @christine. I’ll email them.

      Yeah, I agree. QBank is good for drilling in the formulas and concepts into your brain.

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