CFA CFA Level 2 Elan Guides 40% off for retakers

Elan Guides 40% off for retakers

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    • denizci

      Hi all, I was wondering if anyone got the discount for retaking that CFA exam as advertised on Elan Guides. I did the level 1 7 years ago then failed level 2 straight after and I am now retaking level 2 next year. Do you know if the discount applies to people who has breaks in between the exams?

    • fabian

      From the website:

      Passeverance Discount

      As part of our Passeverance Program, we also offer a 40% discount to all students who are re-taking the CFA exam. To obtain this discount, please email us ( a copy of the result of your unsuccessful attempt, along with proof of registration for the next CFA exam.

      Maybe just email them and see? Would also like to know as a friend is considering retaking – @denizci‌ let us know what Elan responds with!

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