CFA CFA Level 2 Does anyone have an Excel Spreadsheet/Workbook of the Level II LOS (2014 or 2015)?

Does anyone have an Excel Spreadsheet/Workbook of the Level II LOS (2014 or 2015)?

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      Hi all! I am new to the 300 hours forum, but have already found it immensely helpful for CFA 1. Thank you everyone who shares and contributes!

      For CFA II I would love to have the chapter LOS in an Excel format to help with my schedule managment. Does anyone have them in such a handy format?

      Thanking you!

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      Hey I’m also a level 2 candidate and its a great idea to have a spread sheet ready where you can check how much of the material you’ve finished.
      But rather than looking for someone who has already made the spreadsheet. You can DIY (do-it-yourself).. I personally believe the DIY approach is the best cause you will learn something or the other while DIY-ing.


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      I was wondering same thing.  Unfortunately you could make one before someone provides you with one! 😉

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      I put together the attached spreadsheet to help with tracking study time. Hope it helps. 

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      Hey its a great idea, though i dont have one ready myself..
      this seems more like a DIY (do-it-yourself) thing.. dosen’t it?

      Why wait for another candidate to prepare one or get his/her hands on one? 

      Plus im sure you’ll learn alot while preparing it.

      All the best and cheers 🙂

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      Yes… I was going to add typical questions to each LOS then report and share, but I realise now with Schwesser notes available there is little point in doing that.


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