CFA CFA Level 2 CFA Level 2: Reading session weightings?


CFA Level 2: Reading session weightings?

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        Hi All,

        I would appreciate if someone can hint where I can find information regarding points assigned for each reading session in the curriculum. For example, there are 10 topics and each topic has weighting and as far as I know each reading session has weights or points showing the candidate the importance of the reading. I hope I could explain what I am looking for 🙂

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        There are weightings by topic area (Ethics, Quant, FRA, etc) but there aren’t any weightings assigned to individual readings within the topic areas.

        This means that CFA Institute is free to focus on any part of the topic area for the exam.

        However if you do lots of mocks and questions, you’ll get an idea of what the exam tends to focus on.

        For the weightings by topic area, you can check out this guide: 2021 CFA Curriculum Changes and Topic Weights, Summarized

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