CFA CFA Level 1 Which Schweser Package to buy for Dec ’16??

Which Schweser Package to buy for Dec ’16??

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      Ok, I’m confused between the Schweser Notes package or The premium self study package. I attend a class for my prep.
      Somebody suggest!

      Thanks xx

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      Rahul, as I posted this answer in some other forums, I believe video lectures of Irfanullah will definitely help you. It thoroughly covers complete syllabus and also makes it real easy to understand the concepts. I definitely prefer it over Schweser considering that you must have basic understanding of few topics before you can refer Schweser.

      I really struggled when I was referring other materials like Wiley and Schweser but then I started preparing from Irfanullah video lectures. Trust me it did wonders for me. I made my life so easy. I was really depressed with my preparation but  Irfanullah sir really helped me. 

      You can send a mail to They have all the material related to CFA level 1 at really very cheap price. They also provide Schweser CFA material at lowest prices.

      I got complete series of Irfanullah lectures(2016) for Rs 2000-2500(usually costs more than 15000–20000).

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