CFA CFA Level 1 When to buy exam prep?

When to buy exam prep?

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        Im planning to sit for the CFA exam in June; however, job wise, I have a very busy schedule during the spring (60+ hours/week) and may have to take the exam in DEC If do not feel prepared by June. With that said, I do not want to spend thousands of dollars on exam preps that may have a potential curriculum change with which i may need extra material. Will a change in the curriculum have a major effect on the prep or will the current exam prep material be appropriate for the DEC exam? Should I buy the 2015 prep material or buy the 2016 version ? Thanks

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        @fouchejnr‌ If you miss the June 2015 exam, your materials are still applicable for the December 2015 exam, which uses the exact same syllabus.

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