CFA CFA Level 1 What have you missed at the 300 Hours Forum this week?

What have you missed at the 300 Hours Forum this week?

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      So we get these emails every week in our inbox and since i’m approaching the point where i start practicing questions, i thought i might take a look at the email after all.
      To my surprise, there were abundant questions in the email that i was clueless about. I go ahead and open them, read the discussion for the questions and i am still perplexed.
      Just when i feel that all is lost 2 months before the exam, i glance at the top left of the page to find that the discussion is under the Level II and Level III sections. #:-S

      Your site gave me a scare! Hope that tiny text can be expanded 😀

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      @Zee‌ haha, nothing to be sorry about 🙂 when i found that the discussions were from other levels, i went through the discussion again(without any worries) 😛
      i agree, it’s good to read some topics from higher levels for L1 candidates…certainly does help

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        @Pranav‌ we try and make it less of a distinction to encourage forum members to mix across levels. Quite often L1 benefits a lot from helpful L2 and L3 members, and we want to make that discoverability easy for members.

        Sorry to give you such a scare! 😀

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