CFA CFA Level 1 Updated Cancelled Locations!

Updated Cancelled Locations!

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      CFA Institue just updated new locations where exam is cancelled.

      Do you think that they should give us a chance to take paper based exam next year? I was about to take the exam in London. Unfortunatelly, after cancelling June, now December, I really know what to do.

      whats your ideas/plans?

      Many thanks

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        bummer, mine got cancelled/postponed too. GARGGHHH!

        Well, if you’re twice postponed, you can actually ask for a full refund if you want to.

        I’m the same, twice postponed, but stuck in L2, so I have to just wait it out and finish it.

        doubt they will reinstate paper based exams, CBT is shorter times and less questions, probably something you need to get used to since you’re just starting!

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