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The stress hit me like a freight train today

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    • ClelandJ

      Id been doing well just taking the studying day by day week by week….until today. Today I hit the one month mark since i started studying, i felt like i had been making great progress, 2 of the 6 CFA volumes down, but wow 2 1/2 months left to finish the last 4. Plus having adequate time to practice problems and formulas. When i started i was worried 4 months out I was risking over studying and not remembering anything, now i’m worried that it will be the exact opposite, just barley finishing the material right before the exam. I’m pretty sure everyone else studying for or already completed this exam has been here at some point or another, it was half expected but I still wasn’t ready. 

      That’s OK new plan of action, I’m bumping my weekly study time up a modest amount (20hrs a week to 30-35). This should put me through the material early November if i keep going through volumes at the same pace, leaving 3 weeks to bear down on problems and practice exams. 

    • googs1484

      Keep trucking. You want to be in full out review mode taking mocks by November 1.

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