CFA CFA Level 1 study session order for MAXIMUM effectiveness for lv.1

study session order for MAXIMUM effectiveness for lv.1

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      I have completed Ethics and FRA. Initially was thinking of completing the first 2 readings of quant (readings 5 and 6) and then moving on to Corporate Finance and onwards and then finishing up with the remainder of quant and econ.

      However, I figured to ask the 300hours community as what would be a ‘better’ order for better effectiveness of studying.

      Given that I have completed Ethics and FRA to date, what do you think of the following order:

      Equity –> Derivatives –> Alternative Investments

      Quant readings 5-6 (TVM, DCF)

      Corporate Finance –> Portfolio Management –> Fixed Income

      Remainder of Quant


      Am using Elan/Wiley videos to go through the study guides. Find their videos very useful to date (Olinto & Bassit are awesome) and keeps the studying active.

      Feedback much appreciated! 

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      @Stuj79 Totally agree on what you just recommended. Quant forms the basis for other readings too so make sure you are familiar with the quant concepts. Then you can move on to Corporate and Equity section. However, if you are not a fan of economics, remember this segment requires a great deal of time. So make sure you don’t keep it for the end.

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      I agree with @Stuj79, get through the quant material first as it serves as background for the Corp Finance and Equity material.

      My order would be Quant — Corp Fin — Equity — PM — Der and Fixed Income.

      Given how the content of 

    • Stuj79

      My only recommendation would be to consider going through Quant as close to the start as possible as its methods are used throughout many of the other readings.

    • Zee Tan

      We’ve featured an article specifically addressing this:

      Hope this helps inform your study order!

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      I was thinking of going:

      -Financial Reporting
      -Corp Finance
      -Fixed Income/Derivatives/Alternative Invest

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