CFA CFA Level 1 Reviews for AnalystPrep as a CFA study prep provider


Reviews for AnalystPrep as a CFA study prep provider

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      Does anyone have experience of using Analyst Prep as a study provider for CFA Level 1? And if so how did you find it? Thank you!

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      I personally have not used Analyst Prep.

      However, we got some reviews from our IG followers:

      • “Saw a few of their videos, but I don’t think they go in depth required for at least CFA L2.”
      • “Cheap. Questions quite hard. Notes… too simple to understand.”
      • “Used for FRM, pretty decent!”

      The free videos on YouTube should give you a better idea on whether they’re suitable for you as a CFA provider.

      If you have further questions just give us a shout!

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      Thank you!

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