CFA CFA Level 1 Study Materials for 2014

Study Materials for 2014

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      Hi there, does anyone know if substantial changes have been made from the 2013 level 1 syllabus to the 2014 level 1? Just trying to prepare in case I didn’t pass the December exam but don’t want to be reading my old books if theyr’e going to throw me!
      Many thanks

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      According to Elan Guides, looks like there’s been minimal changes:

      Hope this helps!

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      @hkm wow optimistic much? what an attitude! Reminds me of me a lil. When I used to say things like that (which I did after an exam, you know post exam one suffers from serious PTSD :D) , my mum would get so so mad at me for saying that I won’t pass. She said by saying things like that YOU JINX IT. Fun times (not so much actually). Anyhoo I hope you get through in December and I don’t think any massive out-of-this world changes must have taken place. Good luck to you and to everyone who sat the exam 🙂

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