CFA CFA Level 1 Scores stuck – tips for efficient improvements

Scores stuck – tips for efficient improvements

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        This one is adressed to maybe more experienced members of the forum,

        but once you get passed a certain level, improving upon it proves a daunting challenge. How do you make efficient use of your time other than devouring exercises and rereading? Any other alternate resources to help anchor concepts?

        No worries, my QBanks, mock exam and Curriculum exercises all point towards passing results in all sections (based on passing ranges mentionned on this site), but I’m systematically losing ~5-7% because of those most/least likely and some turn of phrases in Ethics.

        Thanks a lot!

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          We find that often you’ve studied the details too much but haven’t put the pieces together. Another way of putting it is that you’ve looked at the trees but need to get a view of the whole forest.

          We recommend watching videos on that topic all in one long chunk. For example, our Ethics videos for Learn Level I are 3 hours, 4 minutes in total, so you can get through that whole section in an evening. 

          Working more problems is always helpful. Be sure to take a lot of time reviewing the problems you missed.

          Another helpful tool we have is the Level I in 60 min videos, which rapidly cover what you should know from each topic:

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