CFA CFA Level 1 SchweserNotes vs CFA Curriculum Readings

SchweserNotes vs CFA Curriculum Readings

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      I got SchweserNotes to study for Level 1. Just finished FR&A, and it seemed like the Notes covered everything. But now, I am studying Economics, and the Notes seem like they are missing quite a bit. Anyone else experiencing this? I don’t really have the time to read the full CFA readings, so I’m using the Notes. But does anyone know if I will be missing actually critical info to pass the exam if I skip the full readings?

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      Hi @funkymonkey, perhaps I can help with my opinion here.

      Third party prep providers like Kaplan Schweser are useful in that they help summarize key points from the curriculum to save candidates’ time.

      I’ve personally used Schweser notes for L1-L3 years ago to pass the CFA exams, while they are not perfect, they do save a lot of time, and I try to ‘plug the gap’ in my knowledge by drilling practice questions at least 4-6 weeks before the exams. I discovered areas I was weaker in easily through the questions, and just referred to the notes or curriculum to reread certain sections, and repeat the process again. Like you I didn’t use the curriculum for my main readings as I just didn’t have time.

      It was good enough (to pass) with some hard work. What is key for most CFA candidates is practice. Personally I wouldn’t worry too much now, just make sure you complete all your readings on time, leaving 4-6 weeks before exams to exclusively practice.

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