CFA CFA Level 1 Schweser VS Wiley CFA L1 q-bank and exam practice


Schweser VS Wiley CFA L1 q-bank and exam practice

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        Hi, I’ve read quite abit on the opinions around Schweser VS Wiley’s study text, but was wondering if anyone have any experiences/thoughts around the quality of q-bank and exam practice questions between both these providers? Specific to the CFA L1 prep that is.

        *quality = being able to prep you well for the actual exam i.e. similar style and depth of questions etc

        Thanks a lot in advance!

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          Schweser has been in the CFA provider business for decades. Wiley’s material is based off a provider they bought some time back (Elan).

          I am quite familiar with Schweser’s material as they are one of our partners – they do spend a lot of time, budget and effort in updating their material so you always do get material most relevant to your exam. They are also the most widely-used provider.

          Some candidates’ criticism of Schweser is that it doesn’t 100% cover the CFA material. But that’s a feature not a bug: the Schweser material tries to summarize everything and covers everything they believe is necessary to pass, so candidates don’t ‘waste time’.

          Personally less familiar with Wiley’s products, but have observed that it can be outdated, especially L2 and L3 material.

          Hope that helps!

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            Try Bloomberg Exam Prep.  I used Kaplan for L1 and Bloomberg for L2 and 3.  Cut study time way down and did the best job of focusing on what you need to know and not wasting time on all the stuff between.  That in addition to CFAs Q bank is the best way to go

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