CFA CFA Level 1 Schweser QBank and practice problems?

Schweser QBank and practice problems?

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      Hi, thanks in advance for your help.

      I am a candidate for the Level 1 exam in December, 2013. I have finished the materials and have been doing practice problems on the Schweser QBank, I have been getting in the mid to high 60’s on the first few tests. From what I have been reading the practice problems on the QBank are easier than the exam, is that correct? My scores have been going up with each exam, what score should I be targeting? If the questions on the QBank are easier than the actual exam what other sources for practice problems should I be looking for? I have the practice exams from Schweser and the two practice exams from the CFAI.

      Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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      @Mark_Lasky, you should be targeting it as high as you can really, normally around 70% is a good target. Besides Qbank, you should try (timed), the full practice paper to simulate the exam conditions as much as possible.

      There are other sources like Elan, 7City for practice papers, check out the Reviews & Offers section for more!

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        @mark_lasky, welcome! I’d aim to try and touch 80% to be sure. No problem if you don’t, but aim for that.

        I wouldn’t call the actual exam easier or harder, but it tends to be less quantitative than the Schweser ones. Also, make sure you try the free mock exam given by the CFA Institute to get an idea of how the actual exam will be like!

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