CFA CFA Level 1 Revision strategy for L1

Revision strategy for L1

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      Hi! My cfa exam is in less than a month.

      I have studies curriculum twice, done back questions, also did IFT question bank and now I am taking up one subject everyday and revising and then doing as many questions as possible. After this, I will do mocks by CFAI.

      Is there anything else? I hope I am not leaving anything. I dont want to regret later.


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      @ridhi1234 we are always around here, just silent lurkers 🙂

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      Yes it did! Thanks a lot, honestly i thought no one was going to answer but thank you, I feel a bit more confident now 🙂

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        Seems like you’ve done a solid prep so far.

        Yes, doing lots of practice questions, especially under exam conditions and timed, would be super useful the last month. Try the CFAI mocks under timed conditions too, and see where you’re lacking in understanding in terms of topic. Read up that section, and reiterate till exams really! Good luck!

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