CFA CFA Level 1 REALLY nervous now!

REALLY nervous now!

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        Getting really jumpy, every third thought is about my revision (which is good) or exam jitters (not so good). Anyone else having the jitters and how are you fighting them?

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        Hey @mincemeat23. I am feeling the same way. Actually, I couldn’t find time to study, as planned. So, I finally managed to take two weeks off from work. Hoping to speed read through the syllabus by 26th November and start mocks 27th onwards. 

        I am a nervous wreck right now, but I am just trying to be positive. Read as much as I can and solve as much as I can. Exercise and some tea (green tea, chamomile tea, apple cinnamon tea), usual hot chocolate are some of my go-too solutions. Try one of these.

        Any advice for me? 

        Arya Stark.

        Valar Morghulis

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          I have more than enough nerves to spread around if anyone is in need haha. I feel you. Good luck

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