CFA CFA Level 1 Preparation after 1st review of study material

Preparation after 1st review of study material

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      Hello friends.. Hope your preps for the D day are on track. Many for you would have completed the 1st review of the study material (I somehow managed to complete it.. Phew!) I would like to know how are u all planning for the days after the 1st review. I would be starting with the EOC questions and would try to cover some questions from the Question bank. Also, when should one start taking full length tests covering the entire syllabus?

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      just kidding aniket…since my schedule is significantly delayed already and i havent practiced even a single exam session. Planning to do one exam session everyday starting today and do 2 complete tests in June. Not sure how much this is gonna be effective, but i dont think i have a better choice

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      Aniket..I haven’t replied to this coz I haven’t finished with revisions…LOL

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