CFA CFA Level 1 Plan to appear for CFA level 1 in Dec 2016

Plan to appear for CFA level 1 in Dec 2016

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        Hi Everyone,

        i am a newbie here. I have done Bachelor in commerce and have two years of work experience into the risk management. I plan to give CFA level 1 this year. However, i am not pretty sure how to start and where to start.

        What i have thought is to go through fundamentals of CFA level 1 study material for one month and then register for the exam and prepare with the study material.

        I planned to go through fundamentals for one month is just to check if i can prepare for Dec 2016 exam or not. This is all in my plan.

        I would like to have views of experienced people right here. Also could you please suggest how can i start without registering for CFA level 1 exam. Please let me know the study material resources.

        Thank you very much all.

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          CFA is very easy to crack with good dedication and channelized efforts. 70 days are a little less for preparation. But if you make a good study plan and stick to it, nothing is going to impossible to work along. CFA preparation can either be offline, i.e)self study or classes or online i.e) by taking online classes or courses. Both the media are equally good but you definitely need to make the best of both. The syllabus for CFA is huge and is very tough to deal with if your a working professional. You need to have the right kind of balance with your study and work environment. You definitely need to have a solid plan before you start your preparation. Here are some tips which can help you during the preparation:

          Prepare Intelligently

          Don’t leave any topic

          Use CBOK

          Learn to use the calculator wisely

          Strategize your preparation

          Manage distractions

          Practice! Practice!!!

          Keep track of time while preparing


          Pamper Yourself! EAT healthy.

          You can refer to these online courses also during your prep:
> This will help you understand CFA structure and the exam itself completely.

> This helps you to master Portfolio Management from scratch.

          All the best!!

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            I believe video lectures of Irfanullah will definitely help you. It thoroughly covers complete syllabus and also makes it real easy to understand the concepts. I definitely prefer it over Schweser considering that you must have basic understanding of few topics before you can refer Schweser.

            You can send a mail to They have all the material related to CFA level 1 at really very cheap price. They also provide Schweser CFA material at lowest prices.

            I really struggled when I referred other study materials including Kaplan/Wiley. Trust me Irfanullah sir lectures did wonders for me.

            I got complete series of Irfanullah lectures(2016) for Rs 1500-2000(usually costs more than 15000–20000).

            Best of luck 🙂

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