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      Hi all! Been following this forum a while and finally I have a question to ask myself.
      I’ve been doing the practice exam on passedtense the last couple of days and I’m getting worried that the level of the questions are to low to draw any conclusions from?

      When I’ve been doing the self-assessment questions in Schweser I’ve scored significantly lower (70% vs 80-85%). Is there anyone who could shed some light on how pass accurate the level of difficulty is in passedtense compared to the real exam?

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      Although exam-simulations are great, if you’re scoring 80% – 85% I’d suggest that you’re probably not really going to learn much from the tests.

      Have you tried the CFA Mock exam yet? This might be a more reliable indicator of how you’re doing.

      I just did the CFA Mock (AM & PM) over the weekend and I found my score was a little bit lower than what I was getting from Schweser QBank or Passed Tense (though happily still high enough to secure a score >70%).

      Based on the results I have identified which areas I was either unsure of the answer or scored incorrectly; from there I have pin-pointed which readings contributed most to the loss of points so the relatively short time between now and exam day isn’t wasted. …fortunately there are 5 or 6 readings that account for nearly 15 of my “incorrect” answers across the AM & PM session. As these account for 6.25% of the total exam points, that’s what I’ll be revising between now and then!

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      This is Ben Kester with Passed Tense. As GeorgeKop alluded to, our Adapt exam engine is unique in that it it learns about you as you use it, giving you harder questions as your “Earned Level” increases. Mock Exams are a great indicator, but only for a single point in time. We designed Passed Tense’s Adapt engine to give you a more complete picture of your preparedness through taking multiple practice exams.

      We wrote the questions so that Level 7 difficulty corresponds to our estimate of the average difficulty of the CFA exam. As more people use Adapt it gets “smarter”. Adapt uses credibility theory to adjust the difficulty level for each question. So if some questions are too easy, they will lower in difficulty as more people answer.

      If you would like harder questions that are comparable with what will be on the exam, you can click on “Custom” on the Account screen and then select a custom exam with difficulty level 7.

      By the way, we’re having an “Earned Level Challenge” over the next few weeks giving $50 to the 20 users with the highest Earned Level in Adapt. Check out our blog for details

      Please let us know if you have any other questions!

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      I’ve found that Passed Tense is extremely worthwhile, with two caveats.
      *The website is, at times, clunky. Be patient and use your refresh button, it will work.
      *You have to adjust that level of difficulty. Otherwise, you’re treading water at best.

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      Thanks for all the response. I’m at level 8.3 in Passed tense and still scores around 80%< which feels good. Just did the AM-session of CFAI mock exam, where I scored 78%, so a bit lower still. It felt very accounting heavy though, and accounting is def my worst topic since it's more detailed knowledge rather than conceptual understanding. Thanks Mitch for the recommendation at pinpointing exactly which LOS it is that lowers my score. That should help a fair bit!

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      The CFA Mock for L1 threw me off quite a bit – it was more conceptual and asked a lot more ‘direct’ questions (i.e. “What is X?”) than what I saw in prep providers.

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      Hi @CedricJ‌ ,
      I use passed tense’s question bank also. They call it “ADAPT”. It starts with a low level of questions and as you score high your level rises and the difficulty of each test too.
      They have a youtube video where they explain it. They say that as long as you are at level 7 you are in good shape.
      How did you go on CFAI mock test?

      Here is the link of ADAPT

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