CFA CFA Level 1 Paper sheet for the computer based test

Paper sheet for the computer based test

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      Hi all,

      I’m pretty new here, but I see there is a significant change in the CFA Level I test, from paper based to computer based.

      I just registered for the Feb’21 (computer based) but I cannot find any info regarding the use of a paper sheet for anotations/calculations.

      From what I’ve read before, it was very common to use the questions paper for that (where you had more than enough space to write), but I guess there is no questions paper anymore.

      Does anybody know if any paper will be supplied? It would really help me for the calculations.

      Thanks in advance!!

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      Sorry, I found in the official materials that a whiteboard is provided, indeed:

      “You will be provided with a whiteboard or erasable writing tablet for use during the exam.”

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