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      So here’s a little bit about me- 
      I have completed my MBA in finance and I am currently working in Equity Research. My work hours have been pretty bad off late because of which I just couldn’t find time to start preparing. With some motivation, I can stretch and put in 2 hours a day, and probably 8 hours per day on the weekends which totally works out to 26hours per week. 

      However, I’m not sure of which notes to use. Would it suffice to go through Schweser Secret Sauce then follow it up with EOC questions in Schweser and CFAI books and then go for a question bank? I am hard pressed for time and need a strategy. Can anyone help?? 


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        If you’re going for the December exam you’re probably a good way into your study. We do some coaching for candidates (with great success) and have these tips for studiers that take all non-work time to prep.

        You have to optimize each one of those precious hours. So you want to make sure you’re focusing and learning the material, and not wasting any time with the “hamster in the wheel” spinning brain. To do that, keep a journal of what you’re learning. Just jot something down every half hour of what you’ve learned. If you’re spending a lot of time on certain concepts, or equations, jot those down and get advice on those later.

        And don’t forget to do practice exams in last few weeks and take day before the exam off. Get some sleep -it actually is key to learning.

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        Hey Arya – assuming you’re going for Dec exams? If you’re pressed for time that’s probably a good idea. Secret sauce can be quite bare bones but does give you the basic idea and includes exam tips. Maybe try and add the occasional proper study with full notes if you come across an unfamiliar topic. Practice in the last few weeks will be essential so don’t forgo that. Good luck!

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