CFA CFA Level 1 Newbie to Kaplan – any advise on best study methods?

Newbie to Kaplan – any advise on best study methods?

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        I am a first time Level 1 Candidate and I am taking the CFA exam in December. I enrolled in Kaplan Schweser’s early start program that began classes in early April. So far, we have had essentially 2 weeks between classes to read and review a block of about 4 assigned readings and practice. My dilemma is that I am scoring in the 60% range but having to continue on to the next topic to keep up with the class study material. Granted, these first classes have been what I am assuming to be the most time consuming topics – Ethics, Quantitative Analysis and Economics. Is this normal? I am studying 15-20 hours a week.

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          Assume you’re worried about the 60% score. 60% is more or less what you’d expect (in fact compared to me it’s good) for a first time attempt at exam-level questions. However, you’ll need to check if the practice questions you’re taking are exam-level. I assume you’ll be able to ask Schweser if there is reason for concern for the 60% score, or ask if the difficulty of the questions you’re taking are exam-level.

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