CFA CFA Level 1 Level 1 strategy to June exam needed

Level 1 strategy to June exam needed

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      I’m a first-time CFA student, registered for this June. I’ve been doing study notes from KaplanSchweser and just finished earlier this week. I did maybe about half of the concept checkers as I went along.

      From what I’m reading from the site and from people who’ve done this before, I need to be practicing mock exams from now on. I just took one today and my score was 53%, which I’m guessing, er, sucks.

      O experienced ones, please do help me with these humble queries:

      1. Is my progress right now on track, or behind (or ahead)?
      2. Is my strategy of practicing mocks until the exam the right one given I’m scoring 53%?
      3. What are the important topics that I cannot throw away?
      4. Is there a summary of things for the exam that I need to memorize? I’m thinking like key formula, rules, acronyms.
      5. Is there a target mock exam score? I’m using Kaplan’s mock exams.

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      I have 6 mock exams from Kaplan, do you think this will be enough to get me to 60-70%?

      You’re at 53-56 so reaching 60 after a few more mock exams is likely. If you want to be confident of a pass you need to reach comfortable 70s though.

      I would not obsess about what is the right score and just get practice in. regardless of how shit or good your mock scores are it still boils down to the actual exam day.

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      Thanks for the answer! tried another exam in the meantime and got 56%… ish. It was a bit of an open book thing for a few questions so I feel like I actually might have done worse than 53% in reality.

      I have 6 mock exams from Kaplan, do you think this will be enough to get me to 60-70%?

      Thanks for all your help and sorry if my questions are dumb…

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      hi there, L2 candidate here. just did my 1st practice paper (disaster) and remember how it felt last time. here’s what I think (not an expert tho):

      1) seems on track time wise.
      2) it’s not just blasting through practice papers, but doing a set of papers, reviewing and then revise those sections (and hopefully not get them wrong ever again). repeat. this can take time if you’re aiming for a few sets of practice papers.
      3) i don’t think there’s anything throwaway-able. every point counts! all i can say is the important ones are FRA, ethics, quantitative methods, fixed income.
      4) do you make notes yourself? if not, you may want to get materials such as secret sauce for this.
      5) i remember reading somewhere that 70% should be a comfortable pass, but only hit 60-65% last year during my level 1 practice exams… luckily that was enough for me to scrape through 1st time.

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