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Level 1 mocks

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      Hi everyone!

      So my exam is on 17th Feb and for the past one week I have been doing as many questions of each subject from Kaplan Schweser website and I am getting average of 75%

      I have not yet started CFA mocks, will start in another 4-5 days, I hope it doesn’t get late by then, also please comment on my %, will be really helpful for me.

      All the best to everyone!

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      Hi @ridhi1234 I think scoring above 70% is really good, as our estimated Minimum Passing Score (MPS) for Level 1 ranges from 58-65% in the recent years. But it varies year to year.

      That said, I would be wary of just sticking to one provider’s practice questions, in case the difficulty is below CFA Institute’s mocks. So it’s a good idea to try CFAI mocks under strict exam conditions. Also worth considering trying other provider’s question banks too for more varied practice. There’s a few free ones in our Free Study Materials list e.g. UWorld and Salt Solutions that you can try out too.

      That said, you seem to be in a solid position. Keep it up for the last month, best of luck for the Feb exams!

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      Hi @tmcd123 – no, the MPS varies by exams, but has never been 68-70% historically. We should have some updates next week of Dec20’s L1 MPS estimates as well, stay tuned 🙂

      Best of luck for your exams too!

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      Hi @Sophie – I’m scheduled for L1 next month but, I thought the minimum passing scores are closer to 68-70%?

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