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Level 1 2022

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        Hello everyone,

        i did the Level 1 in this window of November 2021, but i’m not confident about passing.

        If i want to restart my studying to Level 1, i can redo the exam in May?

        Do you recommend start studying the Level 1 Curriculum from now on to May 22 L1 window?? I want to do that because the result will be release in the end of January, i’m afraid of don’t have enogh time.

        I’d like to try L1 May 22 and L2 Nov 22.

        I thought about studying the curriculum of L1 and change it to L2, if i don’t fail in the L1 Nov 21 Exam.

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          It’s hard to comment on this without getting an idea of where you are at, knowledge-wise, on the L1 exam.

          Based on your last sentence, if you think you do have a chance of passing, you should have a reasonable command of L1. You might be OK waiting for results. However, if you’re going to try May’22 L2 you should think about starting before results day.

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