CFA CFA Level 1 last few days, let me share my experience

last few days, let me share my experience

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      Last Few Days For the CFA Exam

      With hardly any days left for the prestigious CFA level 1 exam, let me take the opportunity and discuss with you some points that might change things dramatically for you.

      1) First and foremost don’t worry about clearing the exam right now! Worry later!:
      Right now put your main focus on learning each and every concept, don’t leave anything out. You can worry about clearing the exam later and you will get enough time to do that.

      2) Level I Exam is not difficult:
      Trust me the level 1 exam is not that difficult. Exams are meant for humans, otherwise it won’t be there

      3) Solve at least 6 Mocks:
      The idea behind this is not just that you practice questions but the experience of getting used to the whole 6 hours exam thing, which we are not used to. Clearing the exam is about how effectively you can manage those 6 hours, so it needs practice.

      4) Don’t Get De motivated By the CFAI mock:
      Do not get de motivated by the CFAI mock that is given to you. Do practice it but don’t get bogged down with the score. No one gets a good score in that. Instead be smart and try to practice those questions again and revise some concepts that might have got covered in that.

      5) Don’t Revise The Text Too Much:
      The Best way to revise for this exam is by practicing questions. If you want to revise the subject or a certain topic,open the schwezer question bank and practice. You will realize that ultimately you will have to solve questions in the exam and not write essays, so be smart and practice more.

      6)Do Not try anything new now :
      If you are thinking now that some other prep provider might give me more chances to clear the exam, don’t do it. Stick to what you have been using since the last six months. If someone says that CFA curriculum questions are more relevant then at this juncture don’t panic. There is nothing like that. CFA is not stupid to give those kind of questions which it asks in the exam and neither are other prep providers stupid to give you questions which are irrelevant.

      7) What I had done:
      This is what i had done. From now till the last day before the CFA exam, i solved and revised alternatively. Which means 11 mocks and 11 revising days? Trust me it worked wonders for me and honestly i was so comfortable with 6 hour’s exam, that my concentration levels had shot up to the roof top.

      8) Relax:
      With all the hype about clearing this exam also remember that hard work always pays off. Keep working hard and remember the points i discussed and you shall be more prepared to the exam
      Keep all these points in mind and try to be as efficient as possible in these last few days and stick to the plan you have made to approach this exam. Since this is the first exam of the CFA you will be a little anxious about how the exam would turn out but don’t worry. It’s going to be one of its kind of experience you will ever get.

      Mail me If you have any queries:
      Visit my website to read more articles & download CFA Level 1 mock:

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      Hi,Thanx and where did you got these 11 mocks?

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