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L1 Study Process

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      I am registered to write the L1 in February and with pretty much exactly 6 months until the exam it’s time to start studying hard and planning. I have a pretty good idea of the number of hours a week and which study materials I want to use but, I want to nail down my study process for each topic. I have decided I am going to go with Mark Meldrum and CFAI Candidate materials.

      As far as I can tell these are all the possible things I can work through for each topic:

      Mark Meldrum’s Reading Videos

      Mark Meldrum’s EOCQ Videos

      Mark Meldrum’s Review Videos

      Mark Meldrum’s Quiz Questions

      CFAI’s Book Readings

      CFAI’s Blue Box Questions

      CFAI’s Practice Questions

      Obviously this is a lot to go through so I am wondering what other people using Meldrum are planning to do for each topic. For example, should I start with Meldrum’s Videos, check readings for anything I don’t understand, do the EOCQ’s with Meldrums, then do Meldrum’s practice questions? That still leaves blue box questions and CFAI practice questions untouched.

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      Same boat. I’m doing Meldrum videos on 1.5 first and using CFAI readings to fill in the gaps on the topics that need more drilling. Light MM quizzes between videos (10 questions) to help solidify some of the concepts and get used to working practical problems. CFAI Blue Box and EOC problems on a weekly basis covering whatever topics I’ve reviewed in videos. Taking notes on topics I clearly don’t understand (i.e consistently getting problems wrong or require reviewing text before answering). I know MM does not recommend taking notes, and for the most part he is right, but I like taking notes on my problem areas and lightly reviewing my notes pages throughout the week. End of the month, watch MM review videos for all topics covered thus far, again, 10 problem sets for all topics. Notes on problem areas, review notes to take previous problem areas off.

      Plan is to progress like that now through Dec, two week deep summary review, 5 weeks of mocks.

      I know some think of this exam as competitive since others doing poorly technically increases your odds, but screw that. Let’s do this thing.

      Good luck!

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      Am doing CFAI and MM as well for feb. I’m going to start with CFAI first for one reading, then do MM, and see if that order works. Might be better the other way round but no way to tell until I start.

      MM also allows 1.5x and 2x viewing so that could help speed through the videos.

      I’m planning to prioritize CFAI bluebox and practice questions before MM, but save the mock exams for just before feb.

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      Oh one other thing. I take the last 3 days off from studying…do all the craming you want until then, but then stop. Relax, NO problems, maybe light note review if anything. It helps you to be fresh walking into the exam and fatigue is a series problem that can intensify exam anxiety. My secret sauce night before any exam…I take the previous day off work, relax, hang out with my dog, take myself and a female friend out for steaks and a couple of drinks, have great sex, dead to the world by 10…..

      Whatever your ritual, figure something out that will knock you the hell out so you get some sleep..obviously nothing with morning after effects….

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