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L1 – Ethics

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      I noticed no one has created a forum specifically for this one. What’s the best way to study ethics? I’ve read the ethics chapter twice but still bombed myself on the concept checkers (only 50% answered correctly on both professional standard and GIPS). This made me angry and frustrated, just thinking about the real deal. I have no problem with TVM, DCF (except for using the calculator that I’m still a little rusty with), and Economics so far, but ethics? Eh… šŸ™

      Please advise.

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      Your frustration is valid considering that you would not have studied this topic earlier in your study unlike the other topics you are currently comfortable with. But, the truth is, Ethics can be quite a relief if you SIMPLY UNDERSTAND the concepts. When would a behavior be a violation type of questions can be easily answered if you understand the core of Ethics. Additionally, answering end of chapter questions and doing many practise tests would be useful in reinstating the concepts. My two cents.

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        +1 to practicing questions.

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        Agree, just keep doing it and it’ll come.

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