CFA CFA Level 1 Kaplan Secret Sauce Reviews

Kaplan Secret Sauce Reviews

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      Hey y’all,

      About to finish studying the curriculum, after that I’m hopping into hard cord review/testing mode. Anyone have any reviews on the Kaplan Schweser Secret Sauce? 

    • Reena

      @avannoord – I used it previously for L1 and it worked well. However I chose not to do it for L2 simply because I created my own notes, so it’s up to you really. If you’ve your own summarized notes it may not be necessary, but if you don’t have time it’s a useful revision material.

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      They’re quite good for the purpose, summarized notes and also includes exam tips. I recommend it.

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      @lugnuts I found them great! Level 1 is on YouTube for free, however they’re all not completely up to date. There is not a whole lot that has changed from what I can discern so I wentwith them anyways. This is going to be the first time I have taken the CFA so I cnant tell you how well it’s prepares compared to other providers like Kaplan but from what I can tell Mark’s videos prepare you very well.

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      You all are the bomb. I was planning on using them as supplement review notes to the notes I’ve taken from Mark Meldrum, so this is exactly what I want to hear.

      Thank you!

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      @avannoord how did you find Mark Meldrum? I’m thinking about using his materials next year.

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