CFA CFA Level 1 CFA results email, or so I thought


CFA results email, or so I thought

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        CFA Institute gave me a heart attack, I thought the email February exam takers got was the results email. Turns out it was an email about literally nothing new:

        Dear gontata

        Congratulations on completing the first-ever CFA Program computer-based testing administration! After months of hard work and dedication, we know you are eagerly awaiting your CFA® exam result.

        While computer-based testing streamlines the process of collecting and grading exams, it does not reduce the degree of rigor we apply to the process after the exam is complete. After all testing is completed and the exam window closes, CFA Institute begins conducting a thorough analysis of exam questions/candidate performance to identify the minimum passing score (MPS) that represents basic competence in the subject matter. The Board of Governors will then convene to approve the MPS. Rigorous quality control processes and data quality review steps are completed to ensure results are presented accurately to all tested candidates. Results are expected to be available approximately 6 – 7 weeks after the close of the window. Although for the first few computer-based testing administrations this timeline will remain unchanged, we do expect to release results sooner in the future.

        We will email you with specific dates and instructions about receiving your result in the coming weeks. In the meantime, please visit the CFA Program Exam Results page on our website for more information on pass rates, availability of exam results, and the minimum passing score.

        If you have any questions, we encourage you to contact us.

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        Ah, the heart-skip-a-beat moment when you receive an email from CFA Institute during results season. Good times.

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