CFA CFA Level 1 How to download CFAI curriculum on your laptop?

How to download CFAI curriculum on your laptop?

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      Hello everyone! Hope the prep is going well for you guys!

      So, over the past few months, I’ve been using the CFA App on my phone, to access the curriculum. Going forward, I’d like to access it from my laptop. I went to the CFAI website, then to the vitalsource website through that link, logged into vitalsource. However, the e-books for December 2017 are not available in my bookshelf! I don’t know why! The bookshelf is blank!!

      Can anyone help with this? 


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      Hey @dollface ! Thank you so much for the advice. I called them up and they helped me sort the issue immediately! So Yay!! 

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        I had the same problem. In my case it was an account error, just call/email the vitalsource people and they’ll correct it in a few days. If you’re using the download software, also make sure you update it, otherwise they’ll just ask you to update it instead of checking on their end!

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