CFA CFA Level 1 How to come back on track for studies

How to come back on track for studies

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      I had registered for June’14 CFA Level 1 exam. Bit slowly, but started studying, Then, I created a study plan and picked up some speed as well.
      But after that my mom got seriously ill, hospitalized, operated and is still recovering. So I could not study a single word for more than 20 days. Even now my focus is more my mom, and then office work because I lagged behind there too.
      Please suggest how can I get back on track for studies. How can I concentrate on studies because in such situation my mind diverts too much and I am not able to concentrate. šŸ™


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        @mebhatia – like @sophie said you have more than enough time. Focus on setting your mind at ease most of this year (2013), and start with all guns blazing at the end of 2013 and you shouldn’t be disadvantaged in the slightest.

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        HI @mebhatia, i’m sorry to hear that, I hope your mom gets better real soon.

        In such situation it’s hard to concentrate, and it’s not something that can be forced. You have the benefit of being a little early, I suggest taking baby steps here and focus on one thing at a time. Given your state of mind right now, I suggest you focus on finishing off your office work first. Aim to give yourself an ‘official’ studying date again, say end of November (that’s 7 months and more than enough time if you study consistently). Redo your study plan for this.

        So you give yourself a month to catch up on office work without feeling guilty about not studying, then after that you should recover better emotionally too and will be ready to kickstart your preparations again end of Nov.

        Hope this helps!

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