CFA CFA Level 1 How many questions should I be aiming to complete?

How many questions should I be aiming to complete?

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      A few days left and I think I may be about done studying. Besides memorizing the IFRS vs. GAAP differences and reading the formula sheet, I don’t think that there is much left for me to do besides relax my brain. Before I commit to just light studying and relaxing before Saturday I want opinions on how prepared I am so I can make a final push these last 3 days if I am under prepared…

      Mocks (started taking these 1 month ago, one Sat. and One Sun.):

      Schweser 1: 82.09%
      Schweser 2: 77.0835%
      Schweser 3: 84.083%
      Schweser 4: 79.129%
      Schweser 5: 79.583%
      Schweser 6: 84.167%
      CFAI Mock (took this Sunday): 84.9995%

      Qbank questions seen: 2521 out of 4245

      Completed all EoC questions in official CFAI books though I am currently working my way through them quickly yet again as a refresher.

      Should I make a final push and knock out 2-300 qbank problems a day plus reviewing EoC questions? Or should I relax a bit?

      Thanks for the help!

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      Note that I am at 81% right in the Qbank so far.

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      @stress79 – I’d say you’re prepared. You did 7 mock papers adn tons of questions. Don’t feel guilty of taking time off to relax, making sure you start sleeping earlier and getting up at the same time. You can do some light reading if preferred on certain topics if preferred, or review EoC questions.

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