CFA CFA Level 1 HOW many hours are ya’ll in so far & whats your progress?

HOW many hours are ya’ll in so far & whats your progress?

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        Hey hey! Im studying for the June exam.
        Started in April 8th(LOL) but since I graduated in December & basically studying full time, I think i can easily meet 300-350hours.

        So far I’m only 38 hours in (with some procrastination & adjustments last week since I had 3 months long vacation abroad…)
        and skimmed Book 1 and 80% of Book 3. I’m a math major w minor in financial economics so quantitative method was a breeze.

        I’m studying 6-7 hours a day now and hopefully can finish skimming all the books (just highlighting & doing the concept checkers w/out memorizing anything yet)
        by the end of next week (thats about total 95 hours), and start digging in & memorizing until May 10th(~80 hours). 

        Just wanted to see how many hours you are in & progress. Also what’s everyone’s major/background?
        Being a math major quant is super easy, but Im still probably at a disadvantage cuz I really dont have much background in finance. (beside taking 2 basic accounting classes couple years ago)

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        I recon quants and economics are probably the two trickiest sections to grasp, financial reportings ok so you’ll spend alot less time understanding the harder stuff, should save a few hours  ­čśë
        Given how much seems to stick when you read I’d jump into practice Q’s as quickly as you can, will help you figure out what’s probably going to be tested. Would give yourself more time for level 2, I had a friend take your approach and passed level 1 but didn’t work for level 2. 

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          I started super-early in November, took a break through christmas and new year, restarted in February. I’m just done with the notes, planning on going through the secret sauce revision material before starting on practice exams.

          My degree is in anthropology so no help there, I’m doing this because I’m 1.5 years into a finance role.

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