CFA CFA Level 1 Hi, I haven’t started preparing for the CFA LVL 1 exam yet.

Hi, I haven’t started preparing for the CFA LVL 1 exam yet.

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    Hi, I haven’t started preparing for the CFA LVL 1 exam yet. Should I apply to have my exam cancelled? I have been very busy lately and its my first job hence lots of difficulties being faced at work. I have no motivation to start studying,what should I do? Is there a planner that I can use to organize my study in these remaining months? pls advice.


    @Prisoner: anything you do in life requires dedicated and committed hard work. I am not a believer in discouraging someone by saying something is difficult but I am being honest with you here that CFA is. You need to put in lots of time for e.g. 300 hours is the minimum. Ultimately you have to decide. Do you think you can balance the studying and the hard work with your new job? There is a very popular schedule organised by @sophie on this site. Do check it out and then decide to make up your mind. Best of luck in everything.

    Zee Tan

    Hey @prisoner

    Some quick points:

    1. Even if you apply to have your exam cancelled, you will not get your fees refunded, so I don’t think there’s much benefit to that.
    2. I know this sounds a bit cold, but most CFA candidates also face full time jobs and their jobs aren’t a walk in the park either. It may be your situation is more difficult than most, but in general it’s rarely an excuse to say ‘I can’t take the CFA exam this year’ especially at Level 1.
    3. @sophie has written about a great study planner here, but if you have a motivation issue even at Level 1 you may need to address that first.

    Hope this helps!

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