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Guidance on getting a tutor

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      Hi! I am aiming to pass the CFA I in May, and I will be soon starting studying.

      I have no previous background in finance or economics whatsoever, and with the 24% pass rate I am wary that the basic tools provided by the CFA will not be enough for me. I was thinking of getting a tutor, some one-to-one guidance who I can meet online. I saw Kaplan Schwesser has the on-demand course, but not sure they provide this service. I do not want to spend tons of money either. What courses/resources do people recommend for someone in my situation? Is the premium package from Kaplan enough? should I also get a tutor? or any other suggestions?



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      There are tutors available generally, but you’re probably fine with video lessons which would be lower cost. Live classes could be an option as well except they’re usually a lot more expensive.

      Personal one-on-one tutoring would likely be on a per-hour basis and similarly quite expensive.

      So I would recommend checking out video lessons first – Kaplan Schweser and UWorld are both good choices to look into.

      Let us know if you have any questions!

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