CFA CFA Level 1 Free Webinars for L1 Candidates

Free Webinars for L1 Candidates

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        Hey guys,

        We are reaching out to see if the CFA Level 1 December 2016 aspirants would like help with a particular topic or two?

        We derived a lot of benefit from online forums and community when we were in your shoes and we are hoping we can return the favour by giving back to the online community.

        We are two CFA charterholders based in Singapore and London. We have been working in the financial markets for a decade, first in investment banking and then in private equity investing and have had the opportunity to see the good, bad, ugly and “wouldn’t touch it with a barge pole” side of finance 🙂 Everyday, we continue to deal with the reality of financial markets mixed with the concepts we learnt from the CFA curriculum.

        We have often thought about helping other candidates who are planning to write the CFA exams and having seen both the academic and practical side of finance, we feel we could bring a unique perspective to this learning process. Real life examples can often make some of the most challenging topics easy to understand!

        As the Level 1 exam is coming up, we would like to help you all over the coming weeks with a series of free live teaching webinars where we make some of the hardest concepts easy for you to grasp. We will try and conduct as many of these sessions as is practicably possible in the time between now and the exam.

        Please let us know if this is something of interest. We plan to do a webinar on the 31st of this month if there is enough interest. As a reply to this post, do write in your choice of topic for the first webinar. Please be specific – say a particular topic/reading within FRA or Economics or so on. We will try and choose a topic most suitable which is most helpful for overall community.

        Cheers, Rajesh & Rohit (Founders of the to be launched

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