CFA CFA Level 1 Free Quality Printed Formula Sheet for Level I

Free Quality Printed Formula Sheet for Level I

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        We have extra 2015 printed formula sheets we want to give away! These are 12 pages and cover all the specifics for Level I. These will work for 2016 too but since they say 2015 on them we’re wanting to give them out ASAP. They are printed on heavy, high quality paper. You can see an example of the first page here.

        We’ll cover the cost of shipping it to you too! This is a free gift from Passed Tense (soon to be AdaptPrep CFA after the Dec sitting). 

        Contact with your mailing address. Supplies are limited and there are some restrictions on where we can ship to. We promise not sign you up for a mailing list or use your address in any other way.

        An electronic version of Formula Sheet is also available free to anyone who purchases a subscription to our Adapt Level I Question Bank.

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