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      Just venting. FRA really just…never…ends.

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      The joys of IFRS and US GAAP ^^

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      ugh @bobbarkerplaysplinko – I know what you mean, it wasn’t my favourite section certainly!

      Well said @mitch895 – just try (ask the community), but have a cut off point of trying to get materials if they still don’t make sense and move on.

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        I was finding that. So I got to the stage of skipping through any of the stuff that I didn’t get right away. That way I made much faster progress through the material, got to the end understanding probably about 70% of the stuff pretty well (in probably half the time it would have taken to read everything in detail cover-to-cover), then went back and battled through the stuff I skipped. I think that making progress through the pages & not getting tied up too long on any one concept or section is good for keeping sanity.

        Besides, even if there are a few bits & pieces that you don’t understand, if you know 80% of the stuff brilliantly you can probably guesstimate on the remaining 20% (i.e, score 30% on 20% of content & score 80% on 80% of content = 70% overall). Not a recommended approach, of course, but hell….I think most of us are in the same boat that there are only so many hours in the day so we need to pick our battles.

        Just think, if you can blitz 1/3 of the exam (40 questions per exam x 90% or more correct), then confidently answer another 1/3 or the exam ( score of 75% or more) then you should be able to guesstimate the remaining 1/3 and pass. The trick is to have 80 or more questions answered confidently!!

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