CFA CFA Level 1 First 120 questions of 1st Mock Exam Should I get worried?

First 120 questions of 1st Mock Exam Should I get worried?

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      I’ve done the 1st part (120 questions) of my 1st Mock Exam. I’ve only scored 60% 🙁 I will do the next 120 questions this afternoon and tonight I will review all the wrong answers and learn from them. I plan on doing the same tomorrow, and Thursday. Friday will be my overall review day of all the Mock Exam errors and review of the main topics I didn’t do well overall in the 3 Mock Exams. I will also review all my flash cards (formulas). Exam is on Saturday!

      Should I be worried of only getting 60% on the first 120 questions of my 1st Mock Exam, 4 days prior to Exam day? 🙁

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        Go through your plan and you shouldn’t have anything to worry about @CFAlevel1candidate!

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          @CFAlevel1candidate I wouldn’t be worried. When I took level 1 i attempted the CFA Mock exam a few days ebfore the exam and I thought it was really hard. It dampened my spirirts so I quit. I basically only did the ethics portion and I did well on that part, but in the other sections I felt liket here were some obscure and odd questions not really mentioned in the readings too much. But for you to get a 60% on it is really good! Just go over the wrong answers like you mentioned and that should be good.

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