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February 2021 Fail and July 2021 Registration

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        I’m really hoping that some others in the community could help me understand what is going on with February 2021 and July 2021 exam dates.

        I was originally scheduled for December 2020, deferred to February 2021 after my exam site cancelled, and failed Level 1. I immediately rescheduled for July 2021, knowing that CFA policy was that you could not retake in the next period (which was May).

        1. I received an email this past Thursday (2021-04-22) that my July 2021 exam registration is now cancelled because there was not a “minimum of six months between CFA Exam attempts” and that it was only through “technical error” that I was able to register for July 2021. The email says that I will be able to re-register for either August or November, but that is complicated by point #3.

        2. I received another email that same day that I need to schedule my July 2021 exam appointment! And I did so without any issue! The system by all accounts shows that I’m totally normal, and that I am good for July.

        3. I just saw that the CFA Institute quietly moved the August 2021 registration deadline to April 22, 2021! The same day that I received notification of my July exam being “cancelled.”

        My biggest question right now. If the CFA system updates this week and says “we just cancelled your July exam date, for real this time,” will I be able to schedule for August 2021? Ideally, I would just retain the July date, but I really am confused.


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        Just my educated guess, but:

        1. With the new booking system due to the move to CBT, I think there are loads of tech issues. There were loads of Feb-21 candidates booking for Jul-21 so you’re not the only one. I think it’s a bit cheeky of CFA Institute to turn around and say “you shouldn’t have booked because 6 months” when (a) their own systems allowed it to happen, and (b) loads of candidates were writing in to ask and they weren’t answering. Even if systems were difficult to correct fast, they could have just put an alert box on the CFA website, or sent an email.
        2. If the system allowed it, I would just sit tight and take the risk. Prometric administers the exams so you might be fine to take the exam. But I think there is a risk though, because when you’re being graded it would show in the system that you failed Feb-21 previously.
        3. With the pandemic cancellations moving massive numbers of candidates across exam windows I think it would be highly unlikely for you to be able to get a place for Aug-21. The fact that your email said that you can register for Aug-21 probably is another mixup/’technical issue’.

        Lots of crossed signals at the moment so candidates will have to deal with a lot of uncertainty until CFA Institute gets the CBT process locked down and the pandemic settles down. Which could take years…

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