CFA CFA Level 1 Exam Time Format

Exam Time Format

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      Was just discussing exam prep with a friend for this weekend, he mentioned something about how he hates the time limits of each section of the test (I think he is under this impression from using the Schweser book extensively for his prep, I know the practice test there are structured like that). Hoping someone could clear this up for me/us, I typically like to always do a first pass and knock out questions that I’m pretty certain about then double back. I feel this helps me better allocate time to more time consuming questions and I’m also able to have a mental picture of what kind of result to expect

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      @Titan33‌ there are no time limits per section. You need to time yourself so that you don’t run out of time during the exam. As such I think it is recommended to spend 1.5 mins per questions only. Now obviously (and very very hopefully) there are going to be questions you are going to be able to answer more quickly, so just pace yourself and I think (and hope again) that we are all going to be fine.

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