CFA CFA Level 1 Considering level 1 in June 2015

Considering level 1 in June 2015

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      I graduating with a bachelor’s in finance 5 years ago and did quite well in finance courses (4.0). I had a broker position lined up for after graduation and had planned to work towards the CFA Charter as well. I lost my dad unexpectedly just before graduation and got thrown off track for some time. Long story short I have settled into a career in retail banking. I am considering taking the level 1 exam next June and I am aware of the time commitment,  etc. But would it benefit my desire for a career change if I were to pass the level 1 at this point?

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      @gajun‌ What may help you with this, is the link that Sophie posted a few threads ago:

      If you’re in retail banking at the moment and seek to move to brokerage or analyst / portfolio manager positions in the future then it seems that the CFA Charter would be a good fit for your needs in terms of the concepts and practices that it teaches. You must realize however that it’s not an instant ticket to a new or better job, and your own skills, interview technique and other factors will play a significant part.

      It should boost your chances of getting a foot in the door somewhat though.

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      Should say “graduated with a bachelor’s. …”. Auto correct error on my phone.

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