CFA CFA Level 1 composite vs mutual funds

composite vs mutual funds

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      I started of with the ethics part for Level 1 and i’m ust trying to get a hand on composites (GIPS part).

      Can I consider a mutual fund also as a composite and as a result should the performance of mutual funds (ideally) also
      reflect the GIPS standards?

      much appreciated


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      Thanks Sophie…

      and in the case a investment firm manage Global Equity fund and a European Equity fund…and wants to set up European Equity Composite this should include the holdings in European Equity fund and also a (european) part of the Global Eq fund…right?

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      Hello @bendujamin, welcome to the forum 🙂

      Yes a mutual fund is a type of pooled funds and can be treated as a composite, and therefore reflect the GIPS standards.

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      Yup! that sounds right to me @bendujamin. the composite should have same characteristics

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