CFA CFA Level 1 CFA Tips gone weird?

CFA Tips gone weird?

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      Okay, so i’m part of this group on Facebook called “CFA Level 1 June 2013”. People usually ask questions and doubts.

      Occasionally, you find people giving tips, which is good and helpful. But today, i came across this post:

      “Few Last Minute Tips:

      1. Revise CFAI books’ EOC questions, as many as you can. (Many of these questions are adapted from past CFA examinations)

      2. Concentrate on FRA and Ethics (Ethics can save your life if you are on borderline)

      3. Solve and learn CFAI mock by heart.

      4. Last but not least, this is the best time to use Schweser workbooks.”

      And the guy who posted has passed L1. I was really surprised to find point no. 3. Like reallly absurd this is!

    • Zee Tan

      These don’t sound like ‘last minute tips’.

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      @Sophie Though you’d like to see this 😛

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      :)) you know which is better

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      Haha! Everything about these tips is coocoo.

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