CFA CFA Level 1 CFA Mock Exam Evaluation (Level 1)

CFA Mock Exam Evaluation (Level 1)

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        Hi! I recently had my first attempts (tho quite late) in the CFA mock exams and these are the scores I got:

        Mock 1 AM: 79%

        Mock 1 PM: 80%

        Mock 2 AM: 82%

        Mock 2 PM: 75%

        (total of 480 items)

        All subjects got 70%+ except for economics (67%)

        Does this put me in a good position to take and pass the test, assuming that I’ll go tomorrow to take the test?

        Your comments are greatly appreciated!

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          Are these done under timed exam conditions?

          In any case, pretty good scores @jiren! I don’t think mine were that high when I was a L1 candidate 🙂

          Good luck tmr!

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