CFA CFA Level 1 CFA Lv1 – Still possible to use 2019 Schweser study notes?


CFA Lv1 – Still possible to use 2019 Schweser study notes?

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      Hi, I failed the August CFA Lv1 exam and planning to retake the exam in May’22.  By looking at the update by 300 hours, we may see some minor changes from the 2o21 version in Ethics/Quants topic, but overall the materials remain the same. Is my understanding correct?

      I took the exam using 2019 Schweser Study Notes, and did not experience major issues preparing for the 2021 exam, but not sure if I should do the same as I failed by marginal points this time, and desperate to pass next time.

      Shall I need to buy a new book? If so, shall I purchase Schweser Notes 2022 or books by other publisher?


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      Since the cost of a new set of Schweser Notes varies in significance from person to person, it really depends on how much do you value the $$$ you save.

      Personally, I would just get a new set – the curriculum has changed twice from 2019 to 2022. Potentially losing the exam reg fee and time wasted studying if you fail is just not worth it in my opinion.

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      Thank you mikey for advice. After reading the 300 hours articles thoroughly, I decided to purchase new books.

      One another question. Understand that 300 hours recommends the failed candidates to re-take the exam in Feb’22, but I am not sure whether I can thoroughly cover the revised/new topics on top of the Mock exam practices (5mocks) in 4 months while balancing my current job obligation. So am wondering whether I shall re-take the exam in Feb or May.

      I want to jump-start my preparation asap and pass in Feb but at the same time, I want to prepare thoroughly and MAKE SURE TO PASS next time, so not sure which options shall I take.  FYI below to understand where I am at now.



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