CFA CFA Level 1 CFA level I pre start of the level guidance and material needed

CFA level I pre start of the level guidance and material needed

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        A.A/Hi every one,

        I am new here, interseted a lot to pursue my career in finance, so i have chosen to complete CFA, in this regard, i need help from all of you guys. Do tell me how to start, prepare the basic needed things and topics, past papers and patterns any thing requied for it specifically. Any senior who can stay in touch with me for the Complete duration of the CFA all levels. Definitely will be highly appreciated, I shall be thankful to the core of my hearts if i get the attention of you all helping people in this matter.

        Qamar Hashmi

        mobile # for contact
        +092 300 5817472

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        Dear CFA Candidate,
        As you and all people who study CFA certainly know, the CFA exams is a very challenging, which costs you a lot of time and effort to pass. So I think you should start learning early as soon as possible. I used to be candidates for CFA exams and thus, I deeply understand how difficult the exams are. After a long journey of hard learning, I and my friends have discovered one secret that help you much easier to learn and approach the CFA exam. It is to use Mind Maps. However, many of us do not have enough time to make our own Mind Maps. Therefore, we’ve already made the Mind Maps for you. The mind maps here are for CFA level 1 exam, which are built based on the up-to-date CFA curriculum and Schweser notes 2015. With them, you can summarize the main points for the first round of learning 10 topics and then for the next rounds, you just need to revise what you have summarized before, so this would be an effective way for you to study CFA. We have made a full set of Mind Maps for 10 topics equivalent to the content for your CFA exam. However, we can also provide one or several separate topics if you think you are just in need of less than 10 topics.
        You can download a free trial version at the link:

        And if you want to have the FULL MIND MAPS FOR ALL 10 TOPICS, please check them at the link below:

        The cost of the full version is only 60 USD. I think they’re the SECRET that help you PASS the CFA Exam easily in just little time!
        I am also pleased to give you a Free Full Package of 2015 CFA Level 1 Schweser Study NoteBooks and Question Bank​ to help you best prepare for the CFA Exam Level 1 in next June:


        I wish you all health, happiness in your life and success in the exams.

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          Hello Everyone. I am preparing for CFA and need a study Partner. I have put up my schedule and preferences on StudyPal. It would be great if we could study together. 
          My best wishes.

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